Cryptocurrency trading made simple.

Powerful and easy to use trade interface for cryptocurrencies

Works for multiple exchanges

Bittrex Binance GDAX Kraken Poloniex Gemini

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Fast and easy cryptocurrency trading

Trading should be fun, easy and fast. Coinaly is an interface to do just that for all your favorite exchanges.

Easy to use interface

An interface that assists you, works for you and gives you the insights you need to make better trades. Coinaly picks up where exchanges failed to deliver. A better balance in easy to use and helpful trade information.

Works on every device

Cryptocurrencies are on the move all the time, even when you are not behind you computer. Our mission is to create one experience throughout all your devices. So you got the tools at hand everywhere you go.

Easily use all exchanges

Cryptocurrencies spread out on multiple exchanges. Every exchange has one or more different cryptocurrencies. With Coinaly you can trade on all your favorite exchanges within our user-friendly UI. No need for a separate App or Website.

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Realtime insights in your trades

The insights you need to know how your trades are performing.
Trade History Ethereum Markets

Realtime trade & portfolio worth

Prices in Bitcoin or Ethereum usually don't relate to what it's worth if you want to secure profits. Realtime fiat worth in your own currency gives you a better understanding and helps you make better decisions.

Helpful trade insights

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and move fast. By customizing insights to suit your needs you can make better buy or sell decisions in this fast moving space.

Fast and smart trading

Assisting you in creating correct buy and sell trades by analyzing your balance and current market data. So you not only make better trades, but also trade faster. Never miss a good opportunity again.

Secure and safe to use

It's important you can trust a website that uses your cryptocurrency exchange data. All your exchange API keys are encrypted securely, so no one else can access it.

Coinaly uses the latest and best SSL encryption techniques to secure your connection and sensitive data.